We are active advocates of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We design and run activities and initiatives in synergy with our network of public and private organisations, by focusing, both at local level and beyond, on the three three core elements of sustainable development: economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection.

Our work principally focuses on SDG 11 by contributing to the creation of inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable cities and communities, although we keep the rest of the 17 SDGs in mind as much as applicable in everything we do. If you would like to know more about our sustainability and community impact work, please read our Annual Report 2018.

MM in the community

At the heart of the MM ethos is community building and we are committed to ensuring that all parts of our community are able to access our markets and activities.

Our starting point is always to understand the priorities of the area in which we operate, the challenges of which are often multi-dimensional and encompass issues linked to health and wellbeing, education, integration of minority groups and children, inclusion of the elderly, employment and upskilling, and reduction of poverty and inequality.

Supportive Development

Today’s society is facing an increasingly urgent environmental crisis. Global warming and an increasing loss of biodiversity are threatening our planet, non-renewable energies are still our largest resource and pollution has deteriorated our air, soils and oceans. At the same time, the global population continues to increase, expected to reach approximately nine billion in 2050.

Many initiatives are emerging from these crises, and flourishing, by promoting a responsible approach and attitude to producing and consuming food in a way that lowers our environmental impact, reduces our carbon footprint and focuses on reusing and recycling.

MM strongly believes that we can — together — transform today’s large metropolises into sustainable communities and contribute to food autonomy, through urban renewal, balanced diets and natural crop growth.

You can read about all of our community programmes in our Impact Report.

MM Academy

MM is creating an academy programme, known as The MM Academy’, which will offer tailored development programmes to cohorts of local and international students, employed staff and entrepreneurs in the food & beverage, hospitality, community and sustainability subjects.

The retail education division of the MM Academy will provide students, cooks, chefs and sales professionals an opportunity to practice and improve their skills & trades, while developing hands-on knowledge and experience in important vocational and academic areas, such as international business, food and agricultural. A number of national and international institutions have already pledged their support for the MM Academy.

The MM Academy will be the focal reference point for the MM Trading Company, sourcing and supplying highly-skilled workforce for the development of MM concepts.

If you are interested in knowing more about The MM Academy, please add your email address below:

MM Stories

From the businesses we incubate, to the communities and families we run our programmes for, to the members and aMMbassadors of our movement, and beyond, we believe everyone has a story worth telling.

Here you can find the stories of people MM has engaged with, and the impact the movement has had on them and their outlook.

Join the MMovement

MM is inviting people, companies and policymakers across London, the UK and the world to join the movement to change food culture in the country. This is an open invitation for people who believe in:

Healthy, sustainable, living food made with rural, artisanal practices

Supply chains that prioritise quality over price and make good, healthy food available

The importance of community in cities across the world, starting with London