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Isolation and Loneliness: Lunches with Age UK

Social isolation and loneliness have been proven to have a significant impact on physical and mental health, especially in older people, who are particularly vulnerable. Increasing participation in social and leisure activities enables older people to stay connected to their communities and maintain or establish positive, supportive relationships.

In areas undergoing significant regeneration, like Elephant and Castle, older residents can feel disconnected and isolated from the change going on around them. As areas regenerate, new homes, residents and facilities can bring dramatic change to an area and can cause a disruption to social ties and a sense of community, as families and neighbours are rehoused in different locations. Older people may miss the close-knit community that they were once a part of and lose pride in their neighbourhood.

Local community-focussed businesses can make a real and positive difference to the wellbeing and quality of life of older people by developing projects in conjunction with charities, like Age UK. Community lunches, music events and dance classes, for example, can help to nurture old friendships and support new ones. Creating safe, warm spaces where people can meet, facilitates regular opportunities to get together and increase the connection to their communities.

MM works closely with local stakeholders including Age UK, to provide social activities for older,
local residents. The programme was designed to provide a healthy, nutritious lunch for members of the community, whilst also addressing the social isolation and loneliness that this group often experience, via food and activities. We provided free cookery classes for the group, to try and give them the confidence to prepare simple meals at home.

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