Prezzemolo & Vitale

In the classic industrial three-story building on the site, accessible from Newington Causeway, you’ll find Prezzemolo & Vitale, one of the most exciting independent/family owned fresh supermarkets from Palermo, Sicily. Set inside a dedicated 4,000 sq ft space this supermarket boasts some of the very best of southern Italy’s produce.

Prezzemolo & Vitale made the bond with the territory and the promotion of local excellence one of the pillars on which they found their way of thinking food: the products showcased are the result of a continuous search of high-quality goods, slow food presidium, high profile products.

They say: “Our mission is to make these products available to our customers, now numerous and demanding, at increasingly affordable prices. We know that only the customer care and the attention to detail have made sure that the company would grow, not to mention the philosophy of the traditional workshop with which we started, and that permeates our five sales points now present in Palermo. We chose to enhance our excellence giving niche products the same importance of the big brands, the same availability for the customer, and trying to do it at a sustainable cost. We chose to carry on our culture made of good food and authenticity, and we chose to share it with you.”

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