Head Grocer


MM is more than just a business; we are a movement of people committed to creating a truly sustainable and natural food value chain. Our MMarketplace is where selected food suppliers and our trading partners connect with our visitors to breathe life into healthy living that helps local communities grow strong together. MM brings diverse food practices and ingredients from different countries, cultures, and traditions into urban environments. We take a ‘Glocal’ approach: global reach with a local focus. While you will find dishes from around the world in our marketplace, we encourage the use of locally sourced, natural ingredients.


MM seeks strategic and highly organized candidates for the role of Head Grocer (HG). Candidates will ideally bring experience in scheduling, logistics, and food safety and compliance. The HG will have a track record of coordinating supply chains for a high volume of diverse grocery products, ensuring a safe work environment. Reporting directly to the Chief Grocer, the HG will assist the Chief Grocer with team management and effective sales planning. The HG oversee the Grocery Assistant and the success of MM’s supply chain and food safety procedures. A successful candidate will have strong interpersonal, leadership, and communication skills. Candidates should also possess a deep understanding and passion for sustainable and nutritious food and grocery products.

The HG responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

Supply Chain Management

  • Manage grocery store logistics, including procurement, shelving, expiration, and packaging, and delivery in an efficient and organized manner.
  • Execute marketing calendar regarding trading priorities inclusive of launches, promotions, exclusives, and campaign activities to maximize sales opportunities.
  • Ensure all staff complete Health and Food Safety training and due diligence.
  • Report maintenance issues to the Chief Grocer.

Retail Sales

  • Work with the Chief Grocer to develop weekly/monthly/annual and seasonal sales targets for MM.
  • Assist with branding, positioning, and pricing strategies.
  • Identify opportunities in store for promotion, storytelling, and features that will increase sales.
  • Manage the projects with Operations and Marketing teams to optimize success and support sales growth.
  • Innovate storytelling skills that are important in enabling effective communication between interactions with consumers and external partners.

Managerial Skills

  • Supervise grocery staff including the Grocery Assistant and establish relationships across teams.
  • Ability to work with a diverse team and be community oriented.

Personal Qualities

  • Commitment to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Integrity and a strong sense of fairness.
  • Self-starter and an individual who enjoys working with a team.
  • Ability to remain calm and lead under pressure and rapidly changing events.
  • Collaborative partner.
  • Energy, patience, humor, and optimism.


The HG will manage MM’s grocery retail and is responsible for efficient and profitable operations including cleanliness, safety, inventory, shelving, and hitting sales targets. The HG implements the strategic vision set by the Head of Operations and Chief Grocer and has a strong commitment to MM’s mission.

Operational Oversight

Candidates will need to execute new strategies for inclusive and sustainable grocery stores that meet MM’s standards. The HG will manage MM’s grocery retail and is responsible for efficient operations including cleanliness, safety, inventory, shelving, and hitting sales targets. A successful candidate will be an approachable individual who can form strong and long-lasting relationships, both internally and externally, on behalf of the business with the ability to set and prioritize goals.

The HG will oversee grocery staff and establish relationships across teams. The HG is responsible for every component of the grocery store process and must ensure the store is running smoothly, from scheduling to a high-level vision or managing the grocery team. Candidates will have experience running successful sales and marketing campaigns with solid knowledge of web analytics, Google Adwords, and experience with CRM software.

Sustainability and Community Focus

The HG will be willing to work long hours that may exceed a 45-hour contract to achieve sales targets and coordinate a successful grocery. As the logistical and food safety manager of the grocery, the HG will maintain MM’s sustainability standards with a focus on procuring and selling nutritious products. An understanding of sustainable food systems and the UN Sustainable Development goals will be highly useful for this position.

Additionally, an Associate’s degree is preferred, but work experience will take primary consideration. 2 years of working experience in-store operations, including from shelving to managerial experience within a fast-paced business environment is desired.

Compensation and Benefits

Salary is competitive and commensurate with experience.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We want our employees of today to be our leaders of tomorrow: people of all ages, colours, and creeds who embrace our ethos and values and are ready to become the biggest advocates of our sustainable, inclusive, and supportive business model. At MM, we are committed to the work of advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion within our organization and in the world.


Send your CV and a quick video of what food means to you and why you want to work at MM (less than 3 minutes) to recruitment@mercatometropolitano.com. We will be in touch if you move on to our online interview. Check out our hiring process here!

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