Wine Tasting

Discover the Pinot grapes’ characteristics in this fascinating wine tasting with our wine expert, Chiara.

Chiara will walk through the extraordinary characteristics embodied in these grapes and other variants of like-minded grapes. This tasting will delve deeper into a variety of Pinot grapes, their history and the origin of red, white and sparkling Pinot variants.

You will taste a selection of wines paired with charcuterie and cheese boards to exalt the flavour.

List of the wines

  • Pinot Nero Sparkling
  • Pinot Blanc DOC Schulthauser
  • Pinot Grigio
  • Pinot Noir AOC from Bourgogne
  • Pinot Nero from Italy

Where: MM Grocery @ Mercato Metropolitano 

When: Wednesday 29th January 

Time: 7pm – 8.30pm 


– The wine-tasting begins at 7 pm on 29th January at MM Grocery at Mercato Metropolitano

– The duration of the wine tasting is 1.5 hours

– We reserve the right to cancel the workshop at any time and a full refund will be issued

– The maximum number of people is 20

– The minimum number of people is 8


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